Vince Cushing

Vince Cushing is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of QCoefficient, Inc (QCo).  QCo uses automated, cloud-based technology to harness building mass in large commercial buildings as a thermal energy storage medium, and then uses that storage to dynamically reshape building cooling load profiles and thereby to dramatically reduce energy use, emissions, and expense.

Mr. Cushing has 45 years of experience encompassing all facets of the electricity industry – grid engineering, operations and markets; grid storage; coal plant NOx/SO2 compliance; power contracting; financial risk management; energy efficiency; demand response; strategic planning; and transmission planning.  In addition to QCo, he co-founded EnergyConnect, Inc. – one of the first demand response companies in the U.S.

He has developed and applied advanced analytical approaches to financial risk management, asset valuation, energy efficiency, power supply planning, energy storage, and financial forecasting.  Mr. Cushing served on the Operating Committee of the North American Electric Reliability Council, as Chairman of the Interconnection Arrangements Committee of the Edison Electric Institute and as a utility industry liaison to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  He is a member of the Environmental Entrepreneurs® and the Energy Committee of the New York Building Congress.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s in engineering administration from the George Washington University.