William Hederman

William F. Hederman is the Senior Advisor to the U. S. Secretary of Energy. Mr. Hederman is a trained electrical engineer and public policy analyst with decades of executive experience in the private and public sectors. He began his professional career as a systems integration engineer at Bell Labs in the directorate that later developed the cell phone system. Mr. Hederman served on the RAND Corporation's research team that pioneered analysis of Federal technology demonstrations, worked as the Congressional Budget Office's first energy and science budget analyst, and led the establishment of the policy analysis department at INGAA (pipeline association), of the International Energy Agency's gas technology center, and of the Washington office for RJ Rudden Associates (now Black & Veatch).  

Mr. Hederman was Vice President for Business Development and Strategic Initiatives at Columbia Transmission Companies on the management team that brought Columbia out of bankruptcy and sold it to another utility at an attractive price for shareholders. During the Enron and California crises, FERC Chairman Patrick Wood asked Hederman to join the agency and form the Office of Market Oversight and Investigations, which has been credited with playing a major role in the restoration of confidence in electricity and natural gas regulatory oversight. 

Since FERC, Hederman has devoted his career to helping energy companies comply with new regulations while thriving in their business pursuits. He also co-founded a demand resource technology start-up. He holds engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Notre Dame and a professional degree (M.P.P.) from the University of California at Berkeley. He is the father of four, grandfather of two, and a member of the IEEE and the Cosmos Club.